In-Person Service

safety guidelines

We are open for in-person services. For everyone's health and safety, there are some new guidelines we will be implementing. Read them below or download the PDF.

  1. IF you have a fever or flu-like symptoms, please do not enter the building.

  2. IF you are not comfortable entering a building with many others at this time, please take your time in returning.  Worship is not mandated, it is an opportunity.  We will continue to have our online services as well.

  3. Masks must be worn at all times in the building (unless you are medically exempt).  Pastor Tiffany is exempt only when speaking to the congregation and she will be up on the stage to be as far as possible from congregants.

  4. Maximum of 50 persons in the building at a time.

  5. There will be a person at the door to open it for you to minimize the touching of things.

  6. Hand sanitizer is available throughout the building, please use freely.

  7. There will be assigned seating.  This is to ensure that all will fit in the space and still have 6 feet distance between families and individuals.  There are spaces available for visitors.

  8. We will leave by groups so as to keep an appropriate distance at all times.

  9. All of the books are out of the seats and there will be no bulletins.  Everything will be done via the screen.

  10. There will be no passing of offering plates.  Please drop your tithes and offerings in the plates as you leave.

  11. Children will not come forward for children’s time but will remain in their seats.

  12. There will be no nursery services.

  13. All side rooms are off-limits for the time being. Please remain in the sanctuary only.

  14. The water fountain is off-limits to prevent the spread of germs.

  15. To maintain a safe distance, only one person at a time may use the restroom.

  16. Children’s Church will be available when the adults are available.  Just because we can does not mean that we are comfortable doing so.  Originally, there were to be no children’s ministries until phase 5.  However, here is the latest guideline from the Bishop:

“Children’s Ministries – Children’s ministries may resume in-person programming in groups of less than 50, including children and adult leaders. All programs should follow appropriate social distancing and use face coverings as recommended by state public health officials. All programs must follow Department of Health approved guidance on adult supervision, cleaning, and group size. Some churches may determine that they cannot offer a safe and quality children’s program, and they may choose to continue their online or other programming.”

17.  Holy Communion – here is the guideline from the Bishop:

“It is recommended that congregations postpone offering in-person communion until Phase 5. Holy Communion presents a unique safety challenge, as it typically involves close physical contact, eating, and drinking. Touching a face mask to remove or shift it to take the elements will contaminate the mask and increases the risk of viral exposure. Those serving communion share the same risk as those receiving, so any communion practice must be strictly non-contact. If a congregation still chooses to offer in-person communion, they may find ways to invite congregants to bring their own elements or to pre-distribute sanitarily prepared and packaged communion elements that can be accessed while maintaining a 6-foot social distance.”

Your Ad Board has been working on a way to safely distribute elements as we know how important this is for many of you.  Please be patient as we perfect this.

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