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Life is a journey!  We can choose to enjoy it and marvel at what God does, or we can be discontent and wonder where God is.  A couple of things have brought up memories of the past and brought people from my past to mind. One is that Danny has left Morningstar to start his “adult” life in Galesburg. The other is that the coordinators for this year’s mission trip were our meal providers during last year’s trip to Houston.

Like Danny, I also began my “adult” life in Galesburg working at a little computer firm right out of college.  I have been reflecting on who I have met and where I have been since then. As I do so, I see how God so craftily orchestrated some of the changes in my life.  I see the impact that certain people have had in my life. It may have been something as small as a comment said in passing or something as big as sharing my every thought with someone.  Each thing, big or small, makes a difference.

So often in life, we think that we have had a unique experience where we have met some incredible people, but we never expect to ever see them again.  It seems that at almost all of my churches there is someone from a previous experience or a relative of someone I know. This summer Ken and Pebble worked closely with us on Miss Cathie’s house.  Last summer they fed us with a lot of yummy food. I never thought I would ever see them again after last summer. Lo and behold, there they are working beside us this summer. When we look back over time, we see just how connected we are in this life.

When we look back, we can see what a difference others have made in our lives.  However, we must not forget that it is not all about us. If we allow Christ to live in us, then we, too, can make a difference in the lives of others.  It makes you wonder which small thing that you said or did turned out to make a difference to someone else. When we live in Christ, then we get to remember that we are not in this alone and that it is Christ who is making the difference through us.  Jesus says to us in Matthew 28 (verse 20), “And, remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” If Christ is always with us, then we can’t help but to be a vessel or mirror for Him, and just as our lives are changed throughout our journey with Him, so are the lives of others.  Thanks be to God!

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