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Prayer Garden

Have you noticed this little gem to the east of the parking lot at Morningstar? This prayer garden was gifted to the church in memory of Sandra Clark (as an Eagle Scout project), and it is now being maintained by a variety of people who come out to tend to it.

If you are looking for a place of solace, consider coming out to the church - but instead of going to the sactuary, head into the peaceful confines of this archway.

Once inside, you'll find pavers lead you to seating. The flowers and plant life add to the serene environment, and the trees surrounding the garden provide the privacy you want. God will meet you anywhere, and sometimes that place needs to be outside surrounded by the beauty of nature that is so lovingly cared for by members of Morningstar. Take a peek...

...and the next time you're looking for a mini-escape to spend time communicating with God, remember the Sandra Clark Prayer Garden, right here in our own backyard!

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