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Building Progress

It may have been awhile since our last post, but things are moving here in the church!

The trustees have been working diligently to complete many things, including:

  • Updating the parsonage laundry room with a new floor, and non-walking washer and dryer unit.

  • The grounds where the water line were put in are now leveled out and ready to be landscaped and seeded!

  • The interior of the church was painted this week! Check out the entryway, our hallways, and sanctuary as they have received a fresh look!

  • Electrical work has been completed in the church and parsonage to address a number of issues related to faulty wiring and the short life of some of our lightbulbs.

Additionally, the trustees are looking to address the vole issue in the yard as well as begin work on replacing the siding for another wall to fix the rotting windowsills.

Stay tuned and enjoy the photos of the latest updates!


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