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Capital Improvement Updates

You may have noticed some changes around the church in the past week, but they are not related to capital improvements! The hallway of the church recently had the cracked seams in the ceiling repaired. Painting is still to come, but we hope you notice the improved texture to a long-standing problem.

As we seek bids for the next phase of capital improvements, please note that you'll be seeing some changes to the exterior of the church property. These changes are also not part of the capital campaign improvements, but beginning the week of May 5, we will be completing the second phase of annexation as we hook onto city water. We ask for your patience as the landscape changes that week, as both the lawn and sidewalks (as well as some restroom and kitchen facilities) may be affected). Please continue to pray for the trustees as they carry out the capital improvements, as well as other improvements related to our facilities and grounds - and please continue to give!

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