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North Wall Completed!

Traeger Construction has been working hard all week. After removing siding and building wrap, replacing rotted exterior wallboard, rewrapping those portions of the wall, removing old windows, installing new windows, removing exterior connections for air conditioners and propane gas, and replacing all siding, we have a new wall! Work on the wall was completed from the northwest corner of the building all the way to the north entrance doors.

Other general improvements (not included in the capital campaign) in recent months include replacement of the west windows in the parsonage family room, installation of a new front door, storm door, light, siding, and soffit on the front of the parsonage (due to storm damage) and replacement of shingles on the garage roof from storm damage.

There's more to come! As we continue to receive capital campaign pledges, work will continue on the repair of exterior walls and replacement of windows at the church. Thank you for your faithful giving!

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